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Elizabeth Riecks

Elizabeth started playing with horses at age seven at a small neighborhood barn in Littleton, CO. While much of her energy as a child and young adult was focused on competing in jumping, dressage, and eventing, the majority of her time was spent just “hanging around” and enjoying company of the horses. Her favorite past-time was sitting bareback on a horse as it was grazing.

As time has passed, her desire to get back to that pure connection with horses has only grown the more she has learned about them…
and herself.

She studied dressage under the tutelage of esteemed international trainer and “O” judge, Anne Gribbons, and her accomplished assistant trainer, Tamra Brown. With their guidance, she not only learned about the mechanics of riding dressage but gained an in-depth understanding and appreciation for equine biomechanics.

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Furthermore, she learned how to positively influence and support the physical development of horses. Following her dressage training she sought to learn more about natural horsemanship and intuitive training.

Over the last decade she has researched and studied the horsemanship practices of many natural horsemen, but is inspired primarily by the systems of Karen Rohlf, and Klaus Hempfling.

With the help of some very amazing horses, she has experimented with and refined techniques that combine dressage and natural horsemanship. The result…
Hatha Equus.

Giorgia Ghizzoni

Giorgia believes that horses can be our best teachers, especially those who challenge us the most. She is convinced that the deepest possible connection with our equine partners is achieved through kindness, knowledge and awareness. From a place of authentic trust, impossible is nothing. Giorgia used to ride hunter-jumper, then embraced a Natural Horsemanship philosophy. Her life completely turned around when she discovered Positive Reinforcement, as presented by Mustang Maddy’s Horse-Human Connection Academy.


Giorgia used to be a re-start trainer and rider for the Equine Rescue SERRA in Sonoma, California, and she is certified in Equine Assisted Learning through CBEIP through Medicine Horse Ranch in Tomales, California. In 2017, Giorgia was chosen by her mustang Sombra, and she said yes. Giorgia’s mission as a Positive Reinforcement Instructor is to facilitate the creation of balanced partnerships, with equal joy and engagement for humans and horses. She does so by giving horses choice, and a voice.



Hatha, often synonymous with Yoga, is defined as the unity of the mind and body through physical exercises-or asanas. Through Hatha Yoga humans can achieve emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Applying the yoga ideals and principles to the way we approach our interactions with horses, we can find greater health, partnership, harmony and togetherness with them.

Hatha Equus also combines the core principles of dressage and the foundations of natural horsemanship with the essence of yoga to develop calm, balanced, yet powerful equine (and human) athletes.

Whether your goal with your horse is to ride Grand Prix dressage movements, improve your barrel racing speed, trail ride, build your confidence jumping, ride bridleless and bareback, or simply to build a deeper more joyous relationship, Hatha Equus can help guide you to your goal...and improve the quality of life for you AND your horse along the way.

  • providing a safe, calm, relaxed environment to nurture happy horses and humans

  • engaging in exercises and systems to correct misalignments and promote sustainable athleticism

  • explaining concepts to horses in their own language/ empowering leadership of humans through clarity of body language

  • bettering ourselves through soulful introspection so we can support horses through their evolution

Lesson Types

Hatha Equus works mostly out of Wildsong Ranch in Longmont, Colorado. We are also glad to drive to you, to support your journey with your horse! If you are a new student, please schedule a consultation call with Elizabeth or Giorgia to find out where to get started. If you are an existing student, open the scheduler and you’ll know what to do <3

New Student Orientation

First time students of Hatha Equus have an opportunity to become immersed in a new, more humane culture of horsemanship. We offer a 4 week program for children 6+ and a 3 week program for those who have had some previous experience with horses.
•Sessions are 1 hour (approx.)
•Elizabeth can work with you AND your horse, or just with your horse.
•Many amazing horses available for lessons at Wildsong Ranch if you don’t have your own.

Private Lessons

Help improve your horse’s, movement, behavioral issues, skills under saddle, and your leadership/ partnership with him/her.

Positive Reinforcement is available with Giorgia Ghizzoni

Elizabeth teaches classical dressage, foundational riding and horsemanship skills. This includes lessons at your property, or Wildsong Ranch.

Hatha Equus does have horses available if you need a partner.
to schedule a private lesson
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•Child Beginner Classes – 1hr
•Child Advanced/ Intermediate -1.5hrs
•Adult Beginner- 1.5hrs
•Adult Advanced/ Intermediate- 1.5hrs
Hatha Equus horses are available for certain classes.

Equine G.O.A.L.S.

This 6 week program is designed to help you get RESULTS! Equine GOALS is also designed to help you identify and get closer to the dreams you have always had with horses. Elizabeth will customize an action plan that will help you pave a pathway to success toward an attainable goal!

To learn more about this program, schedule a consultation call with Elizabeth by
Clicking this Link
•Each lesson is 75 minutes
•6 lessons will need to be completed within 8 weeks
To learn more about this program, please schedule a 30 minute consultation call with Elizabeth by
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Lesson Package

Most dressage horses take nearly a decade to reach Grand-Prix. We at Hatha Equus believe that reaching your dreams, not only takes perseverance and dedication, but requires an investment and a plan!

Luckily, we can offer you a bit of a break if you invest in a lesson package! You will not only receive a 10% discount off a 10 pack of lessons, but Elizabeth will work with you on an action plan so you have a roadmap to guide you closer to your goals!
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•Purchase 10 lessons upfront & receive a 10% discount!
•This applies to Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Equine GOALS.
•You can also buy Gift Certificates!
•Packages are available here

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