Tots and Parents  


The Program

This is a fun class for parent and child to work as a team, as they gain an understanding of how horses can become our friends for life! Our goal is for our toddler students to learn the foundations of safety, care and communication with horses, and for our parent students to become confident communicators and leaders, who they will be able to step into the shoes of (well supervised!) handlers — and ground support, when it comes to riding! — as their pair progresses through our curriculum!

The first four sessions are all grounded; we then start to sprinkle in some riding as well!



Thursdays at 8:30am


NOTE! In December, the Tots and Parents pilot program ends! We will welcome two more pairs at this introductory rate (in exchange for honest feedback, that is :P), then, with the new year, the rate will change!



While encouraging regular attendance, since we have found that continuity facilitates learning at the deepest level, we also leave some wiggle room for a few absences: the 5 pack expires after 8 weeks and the 10 pack after 14 weeks.

What our participants say…

“My daughter Julia is three years old and goes to the Tots and Parents class! My wife, Julia and I are simply in wonder for what Elizabeth and Giorgia do with our child and with the horses: this has been one of the most inspiring and special experiences of my life, and I am sure it is a treasure that will accompany my daughter for the rest of her life.

All I can say is, from the deepest of my heart, THANK YOU, Elizabeth and Giorgia:
Thank you for inspiring Julia and me;
Thank you for teaching her how to treat horses—and so how to treat all the creatures of our Earth—with kindness and respect;
Thank you for showing her the true meaning of care for others;
Thank you for all the Super Fun time!
And lastly, thank you for how you genuinely care for my child, and for how you always make her happy: with your smiles, your laughter, your shining and contagious excitement, and all the wonderful learning-games you create between her and your horses.
(and, I am learning a lot too)
We are happy beyond the moon and back!”
–Nicolò Spera
Assistant Professor of Classical Guitar, CU College

Nicolò and his daughter Julia playing “go touch a cone” with Baby Girl.

Note! Since they are both Italian-speaking, as is our instructor Giorgia, their lessons are in Italian. Yours don’t have to be 😛

How to enroll 

If this program sounds like it’s for you, then let’s talk! We always want to hear from our potential students before they officially enroll, to make sure they are in the right place and also to direct them to the most fitting Hatha Equus entry point. So…