Beginner Horsemanship Classes 

Our Focus

As you probably realized, our program includes much, much more than pure and plain riding. We teach horsemanship, in the most holistic way we can possibly imagine. Our focus is togetherness, and we want to give our students all the possible skills and perspectives that they will need if one day they will want to own a horse, or continue in any sort of fashion on their journey with horses.

In particular, we have a checklist for our Beginner Horsemanship Students (of all ages). It is a constant work in progress but we are happy to share where we are at with it as of now. Once any student is able to cross these items of the list, they will be able to move to our Intermediate Horsemanship Classes!


Now, onto the checkilst:



✓ Stay safe IN the track
Gate protocol
 Multiple cincings
✓ Lead from the ground, with lead rope, in areas/situations full of distractions
✓ Courtesy bubble
✓ Courtesy bubble, hind-quarters yield, forequarters yield at liberty
 How to feed & how often to feed with Positive Reinforcement
✓ Calm Default Stationing with Positive Reiforcement
 Emergency dismount; one-rein stop (from horseback)

On-Line & At Liberty

✓ Lead “horse of the day” in the track, to the gate, to tie rack and to the arena
✓ Lead from the ground in different situations (arena, obstacles, trail)
✓ Hind-quarters yield, forequarters yield 
Calm Default Stationing, Forward at a Walk and Trot, Backup, Stay, Lead Onto the Mat, Touch a Cone (with Positive Reinforcement)
✓ Obstacle Courses at Liberty with Positive Reinforcement

Care and Tack

Performing body-scans to assess potential pain or injuries
Grooming independently (including hoof-picking)
✓ Tacking up independently, English or Western


 Mastering seat at different gaits while being lunged (with saddle, with bareback pad and bareback)
Hind-quarter yield & forequarters yield
✓ Halt
✓ Stirring independently at walk and trot (circles, patterns, courses)



At the beginning of our young students’ horsemanship journeys, they share horses with a 2:1 ratio. Inviting, leading and preparing horses with a 1:1 ratio would be very time-consuming, and we would end up spending most of our time doing just that, leaving us no arena time at all. As time goes by and they gain more independence in many of the points in the checklist above, we will then be able to invite more horses in.
Adult students usually have a horse each instead. 

A note on variability

In our horsemanship classes, we do not guarantee that you will be working with the same horse each time. In fact, we very much encourage our students to get to know as many horses as possible! Imagine the learning!
If you are interested in developing a relationship with a single horse instead, please ask us about leasing opportunities!


Groups are more fluid in these classes than in the intensives, but if you wish to attend with a friend from Orientation, feel free to reach out to them and make sure you book the same dates! In general, we recommend to book in advance: this program is quite sought after!



"Giorgia is extremely knowledgeable and deeply passionate about Positive Reinforcement training. She truly wants you and your horse to succeed. 

She goes above and beyond to get you there. If you have a question or are struggling with something outside of class, she is there for you. 

I highly recommend Giorgia. She has made a big difference in the relationship I have with my horse and the excitement I have working with him going forward. 

If you are looking for a safe way to deepen your relationship with your horse, a better understanding of your horse’s body language, and just plain FUN! - her Intro to Positive Reinforcement Intensive is for you!"

happy place

"I took a very long (15+ years) break from horseback riding from middle school on because the push to compete wasn't what I loved about horses and I felt stuck. Meeting Elizabeth was serendipitous and has been life changing for me. Her approach to horses and their humans is what I didn't know I was waiting for. Her kindness, warmth, and compassion, married with her expertise and skillful teaching make my lesson with her the highlight of my week (I wish I could have lessons everyday!).

She teaches you how to think and problem solve instead of memorizing one correct way of doing things. She focuses on the health (mental and physical), balance, and happiness of the horse and draws many parallels to yoga that now seem so obvious but never did before (as the best ideas are)! My connection and partnership with horses is so much stronger now than ever before.

Learning from her is my happy place 🙂 Growing up, lessons included a lot of yelling and shame; you will never feel anything but supported by Elizabeth as you grow. Her bright smile and exclamations of joyful encouragement have helped me reach places I never knew I could.

And all of that's just about me. My horse partner absolutely adores Elizabeth and is an incredibly strong, calm, balanced, happy dude who loves to practice yoga and strut his stuff thanks to her!"

Respect and Enthusiasm

"Trainers are amazing. I have been a student for the last two years and I cannot state enough how much Elizabeth has helped me grow through private lessons.

Their holistic and gentle approach goes way beyond just a simple horse lesson. You learn how to respect your horse and ask him/her permission to create a relationship, which is based on respect and enthusiasm instead of fear and submission.
Highly, highly recommended!"


"My daughter Julia is three years old and goes to the Tots and Parents class! My wife, Julia and I are simply in wonder for what Elizabeth and

Giorgia do with our child and with the horses: this has been one of the most inspiring and special experiences of my life, and I am sure it is a treasure that will accompany my daughter for the rest of her life.
All I can say is, from the deepest of my heart, THANK YOU,
Elizabeth and Giorgia:
Thank you for inspiring Julia and me;
Thank you for teaching her how to treat horses—and so how to treat all the creatures of our Earth—with kindness and respect;
Thank you for showing her the true meaning of care for others;
Thank you for all the Super Fun time!
And lastly, thank you for how you genuinely care for my child, and for how you always make her happy: with your smiles, your laughter, your shining and contagious excitement, and all the wonderful learning-games you create between her and your horses.
(and, I am learning a lot too)
We are happy beyond the moon and back!"


No matter if you are completely new to horses or if you have previous horse experience, we have a prerequisite for you to attend our Horsemanship Classes!

That prerequisite is New Student Orientation! If you are a graduate of Orientation, then go ahead and book away! If not, then talk to us!