If you are new to Hatha Equus, whether you are new to horses or you have previous horse experience, this is your “entry program” with us! With our Orientation, we seek to introduce you to the four fundamental macro-areas that our horsemanship curriculum digs its roots in:
1. Safety
2. Care
4. Trust

As the program’s name lets on, this is an orientation to all the above. We will then have ample time to elaborate, develop and grow under each point of view in the Horsemanship Classes!



✓ Safety tools with horses at liberty
Safety tools with horses on-line
 Gate protocols
✓ Positioning for safety at liberty
✓ Positioning for safety with halter and lead-rope
✓ Lay of the land


✓ Body scans
✓ Grooming tools
✓ Grooming protocols (including hoof picking) 
✓ Tack
✓ Tacking up cooperatively


✓ Herd dynamics observation
✓ “Moving body parts” mindset
✓ Pressure and release framework
✓ Positive Reinforcement framework


 Different speeds and energy for different horse personalities
✓ Permission
✓ Relaxation and stress signals


I am so grateful to have found Hatha Equus.

Their sacred orientation to building relationships with horses is so utterly beautiful.
They teach that spiritual and energetic partnership with horses brings about a mutually beneficial, and playful, experience that is joyful for both the rider AND the horse.
It’s so unlike any other horse barn I have been involved with…in the best possible way



We wish to know you, and for you to know us, before you enroll! Please make sure you have your FREE Consultation Call with us!

PRICE (2021)



”After decades away from horses and after a scary experience with a horse in my late 20’s, this orientation helped me start facing my fears with more understanding, compassion, and skills to enjoy the magic, majesty and relationship with horses. Learning and re-learning the basics of horse care, natural horsemanship and positive reinforcement in a supervised group setting on Wildsong’s beautiful land was a blessing”


We divide our new students per age groups: children, teens or adults.
During the New Student Orientation Program, you will always be in the same group!
Groups max out at 6 students.