What if your horse came to you running any time they saw you?
What if you had to drag them out of the arena at the end of a training session because they loved it too much and wanted to stay and play?
What if they voluntarily passed on green grass and great horsey company, to stay with you and play at liberty?

In this course you will learn to set the foundation to all the above…and more!

This program will be a peek into Positive Reinforcement (R+) training. 3 horses and 3 humans are going to explore foundational concepts, such as:
– shaping new behaviors with R+
– reading our horses’ subtle communication
– healing their food feelings
– giving them choice
– much, much more!

Consider this program if:
✓you would like to connect with your horse at a deeper level
✓you would like for your horse to enjoy your time together as much as you do
✓you feel like there’s more to horsemanship than pressure and release and reverse psychology, but you can’t quite put a finger on it
✓ your horse tends to disconnect and you often get stuck in your sessions
✓ your horse is pushy and high strung
✓ you have heard wonders about R+ and would like to see what it’s all about

“Giorgia is extremely knowledgeable and deeply passionate about Positive Reinforcement training. She truly wants you and your horse to succeed and she goes above and beyond to get you there. I highly recommend Giorgia: she has made a big difference in the relationship I have with my horse and the excitement I have working with him, going forward.

If you are looking for a safe space to deepen your relationship with your horse, get a better understanding of their body language, and just plain FUN! — this class is for you!”

— Sarah Blink

Here’s a little video to show how your relationship with your horse could look like, if you chose a positive reinforcement approach to training:

Location:  Wildsong Ranch, Longmont
Price: $269
Duration: 3 weeks, twice/week
Next starting date: September 15th

Each group will be made of 3 human (age 15 and up) and 3 equine participants.

Owners are welcome and encouraged to haul their horses in, and if unable to do so — or if you don’t own a horse! — there are quite a few eager horses at Wildsong Ranch who just cannot wait to meet you and to work with you! Just be sure to choose this option at the time of enrolment!

NOTE! This program is a prerequisite to any other R+ training with Hatha Equus!

…we will hold this program every month, so feel free to circle back to www.hathaequus.com regularly for the next cycle!

Giorgia & Elizabeth
aka the Hatha Equus Team