Please join me as we unveil Hatha Equus’ new home, Wildsong Ranch!

About the Grand Opening:
Date: June 22nd, 2019
Time: 12pm-6pm
Location: 10069 N. 65th St., Longmont, CO 80503

About Wildsong Ranch:

One of the biggest goals of Wildsong Ranch is to help shift the way our culture interacts with horses, and truly make the world a more harmonious place for horses and humans. Wildsong Ranch is a supportive, collaborative community that promotes heart-centered horsemanship, experiential learning, and healing with horses.

Wildsong Ranch provides a holistic approach to boarding with the Paddock Paradise boarding concept,  which is proven to support optimal health in horses.

WSR welcomes equine-facilitated practitioners, coaches, and therapists that focus on healing with horses. We  believe in helping horses and humans find the highest version of themselves through a shared connection to nature.

By following Nature’s lead, Wildsong Ranch provides a haven where horses and humans can discover or re-discover their truest selves.

Come join the FUN and experience:

  • Renowned Horse Trainers, Tia Jones, Peggy Gurnett and Elizabeth Riecks (Me!) will be presenting three unique mini-workshops (more info below)
  • Delicious lunch provided
  • “Safari Tours” on the Wildsong Mule! (Kawasaki Mule, that is!)
  • 3 Raffles to win 1 free training session with Elizabeth Riecks, Tia Jones, and Peggy Gurnett!
  • Live music with local Italian Folk Band Amuni!

Tia Jones (1:00-2:00 pm) ~ Trailer-loading master, Tia Jones, will eliminate the mystery behind trailer loading and teach you how to train your horse to load itself. During this hour and a half presentation, Tia will work with “problem” horses, help to build confidence and trust around trailers, while removing the trauma horses often experience. She will demonstrate the step by step process she follows, so everyone can learn the necessary skills to teach a horse to load safely.

Peggy Gurnett (3:00-4:00 pm) ~ One of the biggest realities that people face around horses is that they are powerful, dangerous creatures. Our fear and misunderstanding of horse behavior often contributes to accidents. With her ‘Intimacy in the Round Pen’ demonstration, Peggy Gurnett will show you everything you need to know to stay alive with a horse before, during, and after a ride!

Elizabeth Riecks (2:30 & 4:30 pm) ~ Natural Dressage trainer, Elizabeth Riecks, will geek out with you on equine biomechanics during a few mini-presentations throughout the day. She will offer several simple exercises you can give your horse that will help transform their physical and mental health. If your horse is even slightly uncomfortable to ride, becomes lame regularly, or has a hard time relaxing on the ground or under saddle, you won’t want to miss her demonstrations!

To learn more and register for this fun and informative event, please click the linkHERE.

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