Hatha Equus 



Hatha, often synonymous with Yoga, is defined as the unity of the mind and body through physical exercises (or asanas). Through Hatha Yoga, humans can achieve emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Applying the yoga ideals and principles to the way we interact with horses, we can find greater health, partnership, harmony and togetherness.

Towards this purpose, Hatha Equus combines the core principles of dressage, positive reinforcement and natural horsemanship with the essence of yoga, to develop calm, balanced and powerful equine – human relationships.


Emotional Balance

providing a safe, relaxed, fun environment to nurture happy horses and happy sidekicks (humans)


Physical Balance

intrinsically inspiring our horses to move, love moving and be happy athletes


Mental Balance

diving into mentally enriching activities and promoting two-way communication


Spiritual Balance

bettering ourselves through soulful introspection, to support horses through their evolution


“Hatha Equus reignited my love for horses and helped me to appreciate them on a much deeper and spiritual level. Through Elizabeth’s gentle guidance and instruction I had the immense pleasure of connecting with an old passion and a new friend in Riggins. I honestly wish I could’ve spent all day just watching the partnership she has created with her two horses. It was amazing to be a part of a wonderful new way of training and teaching and I cannot wait to go back”


“Training sessions with Giorgia have given me so much insight into my horse’s emotions. Her classes have helped me to grow as a trainer, and to grow in my relationship with my horse through her perceptive observations and advice. Since beginning our training with Giorgia, my young mustang and I have made so much progress!”


“I took the positive reinforcement intensive with Giorgia in order to get a better communication with my horse DH Aref +. We have been endurance partners for over 10 years, finished Tevis together and have thousands of miles on the trail. I am really impressed of the results I had on communicating with my horse in a totally different level. It’s like we started a new relationship. I will be continuing with this program since the new communicating doors that open can take me to places I’ve never thought or dreamed possible”


“I have worked with many trainers since I have owned my Arabian and there is something so unique and special about Elizabeth and the way she interacts with horses. Her goal is to create a trusting partnership between you and your horse that is loving, balanced and communicated through specific techniques inspired by yoga and natural horsemanship ideals. Elizabeth sees the horse and rider as one, harmoniously communicating back and forth like some kind of dance. What I have learned the most through my time with her is how to trust my Arabian and to let him guide me more instead of me always trying to control him. I recommend Elizabeth and Hatha Equus without reservation and hope that all horse lovers out there can have the same positive experience as I have”

About Us

Elizabeth Riecks, Founder and Dressage Specialist

While Elizabeth dabbled in jumping and eventing in her younger years, she gravitated toward dressage because of the deep art and connection that it can build between horse and rider. She studied dressage under the tutelage of esteemed international trainer and “O” judge, Anne Gribbons, and her accomplished assistant trainer, Tamra Brown. With their guidance, she gained an in-depth understanding and appreciation for equine biomechanics. Furthermore, she learned how to positively influence and support the physical development of horses. Following her dressage studies, she delved into natural horsemanship, liberty, positive reinforcement and intuitive training.  Over the last decade she has researched and studied the horsemanship practices of many natural horse trainers, but is influenced primarily by the systems of Karen Rohlf, and Klaus Hempfling. Simultaneously, Elizabeth studied and practiced several modalities of yoga including Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa, to great physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefit.  With the help of some very amazing equine teachers (especially her beautiful geldings, Riggins and Jestoro) she made the connection that horse training and horses should have all of the benefits one can gain from an enriched yoga practice.  With this in mind, she experimented with and refined techniques that combine dressage, natural horsemanship, partnership, connection, communication and trust. The result… Hatha Equus.

Giorgia Ghizzoni, Positive Reinforcement Specialist

Giorgia believes that horses can be our best teachers, especially those who challenge us the most. She is convinced that the deepest possible connection with our equine partners is achieved through kindness, knowledge and awareness. From a place of authentic trust, nothing is impossible. Giorgia used to ride hunter-jumper, then embraced a Natural Horsemanship philosophy. Her life completely turned around when she discovered Positive Reinforcement, as presented by Mustang Maddy’s Horse-Human Connection Academy. Giorgia used to be a re-start trainer and rider for the Equine Rescue SERRA in Sonoma, California, and she is certified in Equine Assisted Learning through CBEIP through Medicine Horse Ranch in Tomales, California. In 2017, Giorgia was chosen by her mustang Sombra, and she said yes. Giorgia’s mission as a Positive Reinforcement Instructor is to facilitate the creation of balanced partnerships, with equal joy and engagement for humans and horses. She does so by giving horses choice, and a voice.

Kirstin Xu, ‘Humans Learning About Horses’ Specialist

Kirstin grew up spending time with any horse she could! She did English and Western Pleasure but had the most fun at local 4H events racing barrels and just hanging out with her horse friends. She re-started her horse education after meeting Elizabeth and Giorgia and fully embraced that it’s better to speak to horses in their own language via pressure and release and help bring two-way communication and understanding by working under threshold using Positive Reinforcement.  Her favorite part of teaching is helping humans to learn how to really listen to what their horses are telling to them and to build true friendship and partnership as a result.   

Our Home

Hatha Equus has found a beautiful home at Wildsong Ranch, in Longmont, CO! Our heart bursts with gratitude for this incredible place and community!

Ask yourself often: “What are my dreams with horses?”, but make sure you ask yourself even more often: “What are my horse’s dreams with me?”
- Elizabeth Riecks