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With our custom blend of “happy sidekicks to happy horses” training practices, we guide conscientious and open-minded humans on a journey towards empowerment and connectedness that is FUN for them AND their horse!

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We welcome experienced equestrians to complete beginners, horse owners or humans who haven’t yet found their forever horse, from children (starting age 9) to adults in their golden years, to come and audit or actively attend our live training programs at our home location in Longmont, or anywhere in the world we are teaching.



This program is for you if you are close enough to Longmont to haul your horse in, and you:

understand and embrace the concept of being your horse's main trainer, caretaker and sidekick

you need guidance to support your horse in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey towards fulfillment

you are tired of chasing your horse around with a stick and calling it kindness

you are sick of feeling judged, controlled and limited for trying your best to do better by your horse

you want to become a badass horse-human with sharp liberty, colt starting, trail riding, bridleless, natural dressage, horse rehab skills...but you're not available anymore to do that through reverse psychology at best or abuse at worst.


For adults, teens and children (age 8 and up) who dream of Black Beauty or Black Stallion moments, and who want to get there ethically.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced equestrian who has been led to believe that training = abuse and winning ribbons in competition circuits is the only way to feel accomplished with horses...

...we will be honored to guide you from wherever you are, to being the most safe, trustworthy, clear and fun sidekick to any horse (or to your own horse whom you cannot haul-in).

Togetherness with horses starts with you: your skills, your science, your soul. This class is THE space-time to grow in all three directions and get ever closer to your dream.


Whether you are local or live faraway, these are the most intensive opportunities to learn from us.

We teach clinics at our home ranch in Colorado, in the U.S. and in Europe.

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We’ve got a lot in the works to support our faraway community! Circle back here soon and prepare to be amazed. In the meantime, we suggest you enroll in our newsletter!


Our first Mini-Course

"Inspire your Horse to Relax and Lift their Topline...for Guilt-Free Riding"

is now available! 😍


Our first virtual workshop:

"No Force. No Fear. No bribes. Sound, Strong and Agile Horse through Passionate Liberty Play"

is now available on demand!


We love coaching amazing horse-humans virtually!

We do so through zoom calls - group and/or 1:1s.

In the virtual lessons, we answer questions, reflect with you to make short, mid and long-terms training plans, we analyze the videos you share with us and empower you with tools to keep growing as your horse's main trainer, caretaker and advocate.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Hatha Equus team now for almost 4 years. I have had ups and downs in my journey with my boy Boone and they always hold the space for the frustrating times while also offering me the hope and encouragement
that things will improve.

I always feels “safe” with them and feel seen for who I am, who my horse is and who we are together. This is such a relief! I also always feel welcomed into whichever playground/class that I join. This definitely evokes feelings of
connectedness, inclusion, and relaxation for me.

I trust that because Hatha Equus is a team of creatives taking on each of us as unique individuals, Boone and I will be cared for regardless of what saddle we have on or what modality we opt to focus on during class. As someone who can have anxiety this removes that from the equation and allows me to focus on learning, improving my relationship and connection with Boone, and finding news ways to inspire him to move, ha!


Marianne Mallonee

Horse Owner

I have been working with both Giorgia and Elizabeth with my mare Lacy who had significant behavioral issues. We worked as a team to problem solve and in the spirit of helping Lacy find her strengths and feel less separation anxiety.

I love the Positive Reinforcement and Intrinsic Motivation work as ways to establish and improve my connection with Lacy.

Thank you so much for your kind help!


Catherine Mathon

Horse owner, Equine Guided Therapist

I never worked with horses, ever, and when I found Hatha Equus I was afraid to even pick up their hooves. Now I feel very confident, calm and relaxed around them and I can't imagine my life without horses.

I am in my 50s so it's been a very exciting and fun adventure, truly.

Giorgia and Elizabeth have taught me so much and I feel like I could handle most situations. They also created a wonderful Community at Wildsong Ranch: it feels like my home.

Liberty was so fun right of the bat!

As an older adult, I appreciated the groundwork before riding. I felt more comfortable having already an understanding about how to be watchful, mindful, paying attention.

I remember Giorgia saying: turn around! There’s a horse behind you! Now I have 360 vision, I became a radar.


Lisa Stone

Happy horse leaser and body worker

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