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With our custom blend of “happy sidekicks to happy horses” training practices, we guide conscientious and open-minded humans on a journey towards mental, emotional and physical empowerment, connectedness and fun…for them AND their horse!


In-Person Training

We welcome experienced equestrians to complete beginners, horse owners or humans who haven’t yet found their forever horse, starting from the age of 9 with no upper limit, to come and audit or actively attend our live training programs at our home location in Longmont or anywhere in the world we might be teaching.

local horse training programs (for horse owners)

If you are in Boulder or Larimer County and you are looking to haul-in for weekly classes, if you are further away and wish to join our intensives or if you want our active participation in your horse’s training multiple times a week, click on this box!

Horsemanship Lessons (beginners)

For adults, teens and children (age 8 and up) who start from scratch or who wish to fill in the gaps in their horsemanship (however advanced in other disciplines): we will gladly guide you from wherever you are into being the most safe, trustworthy, clear and fun sidekick to any horse.

demos, intensives and clinics

Whether you are local or live faraway, these are the most intensive opportunities to learn from us. We teach clinics at Wildsong Ranch as we do in Italy. Click on this box to check out our calendar and come get to know us in person!

Online Coaching

We’ve got a lot in the works to support our faraway community! Circle back here soon and prepare to be amazed. In the meantime, we suggest you enroll in our newsletter


Whether you’ve just adopted your horse and are wondering how to care for them  in a worryless and species-appropriate way, whether you are struggling with dangerous objections and dream of a consensual and fun interaction, whether you dream of topping it all off with harmonious beyond belief bridleless dressage, we’ve got you covered (or at least…we will soon 🤪)!

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The real-life aspects of a mutually fulfilling relationship with a horse are endless. A hores struggling with separation anxiety, a spooky horse, a horse who won’t move, a farrier’s worst nightmare, a flighty and insecure mover, a riding partner with a weak topline, unable to carry themselves efficiently…This is where we share it all, as it comes in our daily lives as horse trainers.

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We like to organize theme-specific lectures (ending with Q&As) on Zoom for all of those horsewomen and horsemen interested in making their horse’s life – living environment, training, enrichment, adventures – species-appropriate, empowering and fulfilling. We go to great lengths to constantly stay in the loop with the latest science regarding movement, horse health, species-appropriate management, learning and more, and we balance science with our feel and experience.

What our students are saying


These trainers are amazing. I have been a student for the last 2 years and I cannot state enough how much Elizabeth helped me grow.

Their holistic and gentle approach goes way beyond just a simple horse lesson. You learn how to respect your horse and ask him/her permission to create a relationship, which is based on respect and enthusiasm instead of fear and submission.

Highly, highly recommended!” 

Mario Di Dio

VP of Wireless, Nova Labs

“I took the positive reinforcement intensive with Giorgia in order to get a better communication with my horse DH Aref +. We have been endurance partners for over 10 years, finished Tevis together and have thousands of miles on the trail. I am really impressed of the results I had on communicating with my horse in a totally different level. It’s like we started a new relationship. I will be continuing with this program, since the newly open communicating doors can take me to places I’ve never thought or dreamed possible”

Philip Himanka

Natural Hoof Trimmer, Endurance Rider

I needed help with Dalia because she was anxious, fearful, “hot”. She made me constantly nervous, not only because I am an empathic person and would feel her feelings, but in her flightiness she could have hurt my children any time.

Then I found Hatha Equus’s online course.

One choice-based session and the light in her eyes had turned on! I had to be the one to end that session because despite the open gate, she just wouldn’t leave! 

She has been a happy horse since. She now trusts me, and has become a trustoworthy partner in return.

Thank you from my heart! I have finally found a method that reflects my personal values of respect and empathy!

Elisa Sironi