3 simple techniques

to inspire your horse to relax and lift their topline

for fun guilt-free riding


The myth handed down to you claims: shorten the reins, and the topline will rise. Yet, as you inch ever closer to gripping the bridle itself, that promised lift remains an elusive dream. It's a journey of diminishing returns, where each tug brings you closer to a truth - the secret to elevation lies not in the restraint, but in understanding.


The conventional wisdom insists: no bit, no topline engagement. And you, daring to defy, seeking gentler paths, find yourself at the receiving end of dubious glares and whispered doubts.


Think again. The truth is far from it. Horses aren't born ready to carry riders; they need to be TAUGHT how to support weight on their backs. Without this training, you are involuntarily setting your horse (and yourself!) up to experience stress and pain, leading to a host of potential health issues that can diminish his quality of life and even cut it short.

You've tried everything, yet when your horse does manage to lift their topline, it's a "fake" lift.

It's tense, it's unrideable.

It feels like a pogo stick ride.

⬇️ does any of this sound familiar? ⬇️

  • Your horse constantly slips out from under you like a bar of wet soap

  • Every whoa feels like a Herculean tug-of-war and it might or might not happen five slogged-through-mud-like steps later

  • Lately, your body is not as mobile as you would like. You are indecisive between offering unhelpful sluggish groundwork or risking your life on a jittery ride, you end up dispensing carrots and going home.

  • Your horse had a long break and you're eager to ride again...but all the topline enhancing techniques you know take forever. Someone please buy me a magic wand!!

This is literally how children draw your horse.

Probability of thoracic sling nerve impingement: 99.9999%

Probability of developing kissing spine: you-don't-wanna-know%


By applying the insights and techniques shared in this guide, you'll not only engage the topline in record time, transforming your horse's and your own riding experience completely, but you'll both have some genuine fun. Not to mention you're investing in your horse's physical health and ultimately, longevity!


Half the time your horse is confused and the other half uncomfortable at best; you feel thrown left and right the entire ride; you feel guilty; you feel inadequate and that you're not doing right by your horse...
...wait, didn't you buy a horse to have fun???


Learn how to encourage your horse to lift their topline in a relaxed manner, making the transition from ground to saddle seamless and stress-free. These techniques aim to create a smoother ride, where your horse feels empowered and eager to engage.



Use tools that no one ever had you use, to get results that you have never gotten!

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results".



Giorgia's mustang mare Sombra before and after the 3 Topline Engagement techniques you'll learn in this free video training.

Begin your journey towards riding without the worry of inadvertently harming or un-training your horse, even as you navigate the learning curve of rider's biomechanics and ridden aids!

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to inspire your horse to relax and lift their topline for fun, guilt-free riding" and begin your journey toward a more relaxed, empowered partnership with your horse.

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What You'll Discover:

Understand how to prepare your horse for weight carrying in a way that promotes comfort and longevity.

Explore targeted strategies to enhance your horse's topline engagement.

Foster a collaborative environment that nurtures trust and understanding between you and your horse.

Empower your horse to maintain posture and balance effortlessly.

Three fun grounded exercises to begin mastering the art of self-carriage.

How emotions, liberty, autonomy and play influence each other, resulting in learning efficiency.



Our online students Clarissa and her rescue horse Kikkoman before and after training with us through these techniques.

Revitalizing Equine Spirits

Hi, I'm Elizabeth, founder of Hatha Equus. My path through the highest levels of dressage revealed a world of athletic, yet emotionally distant horses, a stark contrast to the vibrant, joyful partners I envisioned. Drawing from this formative, yet challenging experience and my expertise in natural horsemanship and biomechanics, I've developed a compassionate approach that revitalizes the spirit of our equine companions. This guide embodies my journey from observing learned helplessness to fostering lively, willing partnerships, ensuring horses and riders share adventures filled with understanding and delight.

Elizabeth Riecks, Hatha Equus Founder

Giorgia Ghizzoni,

Equine Consent Specialist and

Super-Athlete Coach

Transformed into a Confident Weight-Lifter

Ciao! I'm Giorgia - Equine Consent Specialist and Movement Coach. My journey began in frustration, as my mustang faced perplexing issues: random falls on her knees, a deep aversion to carrying a rider, indifference during liberty, and unpredictable bolting. These challenges propelled me into exploring new communication avenues, far beyond traditional methods. The result? A once insecure horse transformed into a confident weight-lifter, an eager partner in trail adventures, and a creative collaborator in liberty work. Let me share the strategies that not only solved these dangerous problems but also forged a deep, co-creational bond between us.

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