New Students

How Do I Enter Your Programs?

With the exception of new horses in our horse-training program, we are currently maxed out on our new students programs of all ages and levels. We would still LOVE to hear from you, and to know what your goals with horses are, if you wish to be on our waitlist for the new year and more! Towards this purpose, please fill in our New Student Intake Form!

NOTE! If you want your horse fix while waiting for lessons to open up, we often have openings for ranch work volunteering opportunities! If you get excited at the idea of stuffing hay nets, prepping and delivering morning grain, dragging arenas and tracks, mucking, filling water troughs and more, please make sure to specify it in your Intake Form!

Upon reading your intake form, and as soon as a program opens up that seems the right fit for you,
we will be glad to contact you to schedule a FREE Consultation Call!

Also, if you wish to “breathe some Wildsong air” and get to know us while waiting for lessons to open up, then consider coming to our public events as an auditorMovie nights and clinics are the perfect opportunities! Make sure you join our newsletter so you can stay in the loop!


Where Will I (Or My Child) Start?

When we WILL have new student openings, regardless of your riding level or potential previous experience with horses, we will have you (or your child) start from our New Student Orientation program. It’s a 4 week program where we guide you  through the foundational horsemanship languages and horse care aspects that you will then deepen in our weekly horsemanship classes, as well as the lay of the land and the practices at Wildsong Ranch. Read more about this program here:

Do You Do Trail Rides?

We sure do…for our advanced students! In order to take you out on a trail ride, we need to know that you have developed solid safety instincts on horse back, confident seat and cues, and especially a trust based relationship with the horse you are going to partner up with! 

So if you wanted to call us because your daughter’s birthday is next week and you wished to take her on a trail ride…we are probaby not the right fit for you! 

Do You Ride English Or Western?

Both, but the type of saddle we use is not the point for Hatha Equus. We draw from different disciplines and horsemanship frameworks (which we practice on horseback and on the ground), to teach our human students of any age how to support horses physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…and vice versa! Many new students ask us what sort of clothes they need to wear for lessons. We have no other standard than comfortable and safe (we will be more specific as you join our programs of course!)…for the rest, you do you!

What Horses Will I Work With?

We are lucky enough to have many horse teachers among our herd, of many different breeds and talents, each of whom will teach you incredibly valuable lessons! At the beginning of your journey with Hatha Equus, we try to pair you up with as many horses as we can, so that you can learn to communicate with as many horsenalities as possible! As you make your way to intermediate and advanced level, you might even start considering leasing opportunities with a horse in particular!

Will I get assigned to “my own horse” in classes?

Since our Beginner and Intermediate offerings are in group format, we will often work with several different horses in one lesson, frequently rotating between them! In the earlier lessons, several students will partner with one horse, taking turns working on specific skills.  As students become more advanced, we may have up to three horses for three students.  We love for students to have an opportunity to work with a variety of horses so that his or her horsemanship skills become more dynamic.  The more horses we work with, the more opportunities for learning there are!  In the more advanced lessons, students may have an opportunity work more consistently with one horse in order to deepen their relationship and skills.