Most of us dream about achieving beautiful things with our horses, but often we tell ourselves that we will figure out how to reach those dreams some day in the future.  Our dreams continue to take the back seat to life until we prioritize them. This program is perfect for that person who is ready to move closer to accomplishing their goals with horses now!

Whether your dream is to learn how to do dressage without a bridle, teach your horse to lay down, or to just feel connected, safe, and in control in the saddle, this program will help you get there! There is no goal that is too big or small to tackle through Equine GOALS.

What to expect:

  • During a consultation call with Elizabeth, you will decide on a small goal that can be attained by the end of 6 lessons. We will also talk about your BIG goals 😉
  • Elizabeth will create a customized action plan that breaks down the approach for six weeks and highlights the focus of each lesson so you and she can stay focused on helping you achieve your six week goal.
  • Lessons will be 75 minutes.
  • At the start of your first lesson, you will have 8 weeks to book the rest of the 6 lessons, with two weeks for rescheduling in the case of an illness or emergency.
  • There will be no weather cancellations, unless you can reschedule your lesson that same week.  In the case of inclement weather, Elizabeth will have an unmounted lesson curriculum so you still make progress toward your goal.  Learning with horses isn’t always about learning ON horses.  Elizabeth believes that if you hold yourself accountable to moving toward your dream, regardless of the weather, you will get there faster!
  • Her horses are available for this program if you do not have your own!


Book a consultation call with Elizabeth through the link below to see if this program is right for you!