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2023 Clinics


 January 13th, March 18th, May 20th, July 8th, October 21st

Join us for half-day clinics with Elizabeth Riecks to first learn the foundations of Bridleless Dressage and then build Bridleless Dressage with your horse! She will provide an overview of all the pieces that go into Bridleless Dressage including Ground Safety Skills, Intrinsic Motivation/Liberty Foundations, Human position, Dressage Fundamentals, Classical Dressage In-Hand/Basic Alignment Exercise, Bridleless basics under saddle

Important: If you are not a current Hatha Equus student, please reach out to Elizabeth before purchasing participant tickets. Auditor tickets will be available closer to the events.

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April 15th and July 15th

Domestic life requires our horses to be daily available for activities that can feel unnatural and unpleasant to them. Hoof picking, trimming, vet checks, being tacked up, dewormed, even just haltered!

In our experience, kindness, knowledge, active listening and consent go a long way in counter-conditioning these activities for them! In this clinic, we explore tools to help each horse find their unique way through finding husbandry easy and fun.

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Intrinzen and Passionate Movement

June 17th

One and a half day intensive! We are going to dig deep into consent protocols with activities that our horses struggle with. Also, we will explore what modern science says about movement, “being in shape” and motor skills acquisition both at a theoretical and practical level.

If you are hoping to gain skills to make your horse gladly cooperative in activities such as riding or tacking up, and if you’d like for them to be eager movers, no matter the starting point, this might be a clinic for you

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Audit some of Hatha Equus’ select classes! Three of these sneak peeks are a prerequisite for horse owners to haul in and attend a Hatha Equus Playground with their horse!

Tuesdays: Consensual Riding
Wednesdays: Consent, Intrinzen and Positive Reinforcement

Fridays: Liberty and Trick Training
Saturdays: Bridless Dressage (and non-bridleless dressage and non dressagey bridleless)
Sundays: Safety & Problem Solving

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