For conscientious horse owners who want to learn to be their own horse's main trainer, coach and sidekick.


Bridleless Dressage, Husbandry Made Fun and Easy, Passionate Movement at Liberty, take your pick!

We love supporting our local community by sharing feel, science and fun in our favorite subjects!

bridleless dressage

September 23rd

October 21st

with Elizabeth Riecks

Join us for half-day clinics with Elizabeth Riecks to first learn the foundations of Bridleless Dressage and then build Bridleless Dressage with your horse! She will provide an overview of all the pieces that go into Bridleless Dressage including Ground Safety Skills, Intrinsic Motivation/Liberty Foundations, Human position, Dressage Fundamentals, Classical Dressage In-Hand/Basic Alignment Exercise, Bridleless basics under saddle

Important: If you are not a current Hatha Equus student, please reach out to Elizabeth before purchasing participant tickets. Auditor tickets will be available closer to the events.

husbandry made fun and easy

July 15th

with Giorgia Ghizzoni

Domestic life requires our horses to be daily available for activities that can feel unnatural and unpleasant to them. Hoof picking, trimming, vet checks, being tacked up, dewormed, even just haltered!
In our experience, kindness, knowledge, active listening and consent go a long way in counter-conditioning these activities for them! In this clinic, we explore tools to help each horse find their unique way through finding husbandry easy and fun.



Friday, Oct 6th
Elizabeth Riecks and Giorgia Ghizzoni

  • If you are seeking to truly inspire your horse to move and play, without constantly annoying them with reverse psychology;

  • if you are hoping to transform an insecure little thing, scared of her own shadow, into a confident super-hero (no matter the previous physical or emotional traumas);

  • if you truly want to get him to seek the jump, to truly want

    that dressage posture...with no aids on! At liberty!

  • if you want to feel reciprocated in your playfulness and wanting to move together, without force, fear or bribes... might want to check this out 🤗⬇️⬇️⬇️


We are super passionate about continued learning for ourselves and our clients. Sometimes the best way to keep learning fresh is by getting the insights and perspectives of other incredible trainers who we admire, and are inspired by! We have the honor of welcome several of our favorite clinician friends, from all over the world, to our home at Wildsong Ranch! We hope you can join us at any or all of these events.

gray Graves

August 31st-September 2nd 2023

Gray Kyle-Graves has dedicated her life to the art of getting along with horses. The focus of her work is to facilitate better communication between horses and humans, in order to foster more understanding, security, and joy in their relationships.

Gray enjoys working with riders across diverse disciplines and experience levels, going beyond technique, to explore creative approaches for solving problems and expanding skills.

The clinic is structured with seven hour-long private lessons with auditors.

Gray will also be offering an Aibado class for any who want to attend!

Lockie PhilLips

April 25th-28th 2024

Lockie Phillips is an Australian Horseman living in Spain and retired professional dancer. An International Clinician, horse trainer, riding instructor and hoof care provider, Lockie is the creator of Emotional Horsemanship.

Emotional Horsemanship helps deeply caring equestrians create emotionally balanced horses using science, empathy and feel. Any equestrian is welcome to try it if they care very deeply about their horse.

You can expect a slow clinic. No dust flying, no ropes twirling. You are welcome to use food rewards in this clinic at specific times. The point of these clinics is to slow down, peel back the layers and to ask the horse and yourself “How does this feel?”

You can expect to be challenged in the clinic, but to have a lot of fun too. The auditors are nothing to fear, the auditors always become your biggest fans and cheerleaders, we promise.

Lockie is delighted to be returning to Colorado for the second time and hopes to see you all again soon.


"Before Hatha Equus, I felt anxious most of the time, lacked self-confidence and was constantly afraid I’d break an unknown barn rule. I questioned everything I was doing with and for my OTTB Em and felt stressed by the environment.

As I moved Em to Wildsong Ranch, for Hatha Equus' Training Track Program, I immediately felt an amazing aura of peace and calm, which allowed me to breathe, relax and enjoy my journey with Em. The community is so supportive and kind I always feel a sense of joy and comfort"


Jenny Bailey

Horse Owner

“Many times I’ve been in the land of uncertainty, overwhelm, discouragement and frustration in my abilities. Showing up for classes, asking questions and having Elizabeth and Giorgia demonstrate with my horse (or other horses) has been key in me being able to practice while they observe, then giving their feedback has been monumental. By laying a foundation, I feel much more comfortable, trust in the process, confident and content. Not only in myself, but I feel and see it in my horse! She’s growing in being at ease in her body, exploring novel movements, solving new things, self-assured, calmer and curious.”


Mario Di Dio

VP of Engineering, Nova Labs

“My daughter has been attending beginner horsemanship classes at Hatha Equus for the past three months. As soon as she finishes a class, she starts counting down until the next one. Learning how to care for the horses in addition to learning how to ride makes her feel empowered. I love that the instructors are patient and kind and have a strong focus on safety. We highly recommend the classes at Hatha Equus for building a strong foundation in horsemanship. We feel so lucky to have discovered this gem!”


Rosalie O.


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