Yogical Dressage!


Yogical Dressage combines the approaches of Classical Dressage AND Equine Yoga (which is a combination of Dressage and Natural Horsemanship)!  In our opinion, Classical Dressage, and Equine Yoga are really quite the same thing…historical Classical trainers just never called it Equine Yoga! 😂

The classes will include development of dressage movements in-hand, then the application of these movements under saddle.  We discuss in depth what is truly balanced, light, energized, and relaxed.  We will discuss why Dressage should be approached in a way that mirrors how we apply yoga to human lives.  We also discuss how Classical Dressage differs from the conventional Dressage that is fashionable today in the mainstream.

Benefits of Yogical Dressage…

↑ Athleticism

One of the greatest benefits of Dressage is that it helps horses realize that he or she is an incredible athlete, and brings them into the greatest version of themselves.  Much like a ballerina, we offer the horse strength, flexibility and mobility! 

↓ Riding comfort

When horses feel amazing in their bodies, and are balanced, they are safer and more comfortable to ride!  Dressage movements have all the puzzle pieces needed to create an equine partner that can physically support herself and her rider comfortably.

↑ Longterm Health

If you have ever seen an 80 year old in a yoga class balancing on his hands with both legs behind his head, you know that optimal physical health is NOT reserved only for the young!  Equine Yoga and Dressage aims to set up horses for a (hopefully long) lifetime of healthy biomechanics! 

↑ Horse Happiness

When we approach dressage the right way, horses can become incredibly proud about certain movements and ways of traveling because they feel like powerful rockstars!  Ultimately this is our biggest priority and goal in ALL our classes, so we double down on celebrating our equine powerhouses in this class!

Who is the Class for?

This is an advanced class for students who fit one or several of these descriptions:


  • Riders who can walk/trot/canter, and steer with an independent seat at any given time. *REQUIRED
  • Horse owners whose horse is able to walk/trot/canter, steer, stop, backup and yield the forehand and hindend.
  • Advanced Students without their own horse but already have some exposure to, and experience with dressage concepts. (We have some horses you can partner with!)
  • Advanced riders who are interested in experiencing a different, fresh, joyful approach to doing dressage.